Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekly Scratch: Mom Power, The Darkness, Life VS Writing, Rule breakers, Query!

Howdy, Folks. I hope your work is heating up like our summer, because if it is, you are on fire.  In the news is former SCBWI Brazos Valley member Donna Cooner . Read about her six-figure debut deal here.   Shout out to her on Facebook!  Kathi Appelt is a contributing writer to Writing Young Adult Fiction for Children.   So yay!  I hope you all enjoy the Fourth!

Mom Power

I like this article about the power of moms to influence book sales and think it is cool.

The Darkness

Lots of folks are arguing about this article about in the Wall Street Journal  about the darkness in YA books. Believe me this has incited  dramatic feelings and  many are going on and on about this article.  Be sure to check out the comments too.

Life vs. Writing

Some advice to keep you writing even if life is throwing you tons of curve balls. This is all about Plan B.

Rule breaker.

Do you see rules as merely the guidelines. Apparently George Orwell wrote the rules. Follow this link to learn them. You can decide whether to break them or not.  Here's a list of 5 rules you are encouraged to break. Give it a look.


Here is some encouragement to get you querying and moving away from your perfection. :)

Have a fun weekend! 

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