Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Current Scratch: Best, Hot, Promote!, The Revolution

Howdy folks, I bet everyone is busy and barely has time to breathe. Still, children's books are our passion. That's so important! Take time to create good books in the midst of the buzz. We don't have a meeting until January.   We meet on  Jan. 25  2012 at the College Station Barnes and Noble at 9:30  for critique (bring copies) and 10 AM for the Schmooze.  Molly Blaisdell will be speaking: Do You Need an Agent? How Do You Snag One?

Here is an upcoming regional event:

SCBWI Events in Texas and Beyond, Austin, Regional Conference: Something for Everyone
February 17-19, 2012 St. Edward‘s University
Base Rate is $150 Members/ $165 Non-members


PW's best of 2011 is out. This seems like a hot list of books to me. You might find something to check out too.


Yes we want to write books to shoot out there. Here is an article on YA and Middle Grade trends in the LA Times that you may enjoy.

Here's the link to the New York Times Best Selling Chapter Books list,  just in case you need have a little reading time right now.

Here is the link to an essay contest at to win a free YA  critique from a publishing expert. This might also open your eyes to the world in a much wider way.

Here is a link to a contest at Query Tracker for children's authors looking for an agent.


Do you have a book out. Here is a list of ten non-traditional ways to promote your book.

The Revolution

Here is a thoughtful post from Kathlenn Duey at WriteWriteWriter about the revolution going on in publishing.

Another thoughtful post about the Revolution from Anne R. Allen's Blog and going with traditional publishing.

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