Thursday, August 20, 2015

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Monthly Meeting. On August 26, 2015, we will have discussion, news, and encouragement. Topic: New Adult Books: What You Need to Know. Speaker: award winning and prolific author Sherry Garland. Meet us at Barnes & Noble in College Station. Gentle critique begins at 9:30 a.m. Bring copies of 5 double-spaced pages of your work in progress. Those who have time stay for lunch at a local restaurant. Members and friends welcome!

2015 Connections and Craft Workshop. Mark your calendars! October 10! Full announcement soon. We have exciting speakers: award-winning author, Kimberly Willis Holt; the Book Doctor, Robyn Conley; and Balzer + Bray editor, Kelsey Murphy. A few hotel rooms will be available for our attendees. Registration is open! Watch your email! Email Liz Mertz at if you don't think you are on the list. This will be a MUST NOT MISS event!

Date: 10/20/2015 Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


HMH acquires ebook assets from Meegenius, an award-winning ebook subscription service for children ages two through eight years old. For more info, check out this article at Digital Book World. 

Macmillian adds kids ebooks to Epic, an ebook subscription service for kids up to 12.

Want to know more about ebook subscription services?  Here is an article that might interest you.  

Do you write children's nonfiction? This might be the hour to get that book completed.  Check out this article in Publisher's Weekly. 

Children's best sellers lists in the New York Times has been tweaked.  Hardcover middle grade and YA books will be a list in print.  Ebooks and paperback middle grade and YA are lumped together and only found online. Read here. 


Do you want to be published? Here are some helpful sites for publisher researching. -- SCBWI offers trusted information about children's publishers. Check out the resources page.  Also check out the SCBWI's Blueboard for up-to-date information and to ask questions. -- Author Vonna offer comprehensive lists of  agent and author appearances. -- Spotlights agents of all children's genres.

What publishers accept unsolicited submissions? Here is a good list. Remember this is a jumping off place verify. Do your own research.

Independent children's editor Harold Underdown offers many publishing resources to writers. Check out his site. 


Kwame Alexander's Newbery speech.  This is inspiring and fun. 

Interesting facts about classic children's book author. Check it out. 

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