Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Scratch: YA Opportunity, Revolution, Good Letters, Tweets, Book Club, Craft

Howdy, folks.  I hope y'all are not too hot.  Keep working on your projects. Make space for the art and craft of children's books.  I hope are writing heats up just like the weather. Check out the SCBWI Brazos Valley website for upcoming events: schmoozes, a retreat, a conference. Lots of cool stuff ahead.

YA Opportunity

Here is a new magazine for emerging YA authors. It's called Sucker Literary Magazine. It's featured in PW. It's a place for short fiction. You may wish to check it out.


Yes, HarperCollins "I Can Read Books"  are now digital.  More migration from print. Read about in PW.

The number of print books sold has fallen by 10% in the past 6 months.  The biggest chunk is out of adult fiction -- also reported in PW.

SCBWI Austin has a conference on October 8, 2011 at Saint Edwards University: Storytelling in the Digital Age: Embrace the Change. Folks in the neighborhood sort through the revolution to help you understand what is going on out there.

Good Letters

I love Letters of Note. They put some outstanding correspondence over there. Here is one to warm the heart of anyone who has been rejected by an editor.  Enjoy.


Here is a round up of  tweets from agents from late June.  You might find something interesting here.

Book Club

Don't want to get out in the heat but you do want to hang with readers of good books. Check out this how to Host A Virtual Book Club article.


Underneath every story is something hovering. What are you not saying when  you are writing? Why is that important. Read this article on subtext if you feel the need to dive into the deep end of the craft pool. :)

Write more this week.  I'll see you next week with more of the weekly scratch. 

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