Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekly Scratch: Genre Writing, Agents, Self Publishing, Tweets

Howdy, folks,  hope your work is humming! I hope you find something here to help you on your creative journey.


Summer season is out and I have noticed that there are a boatload of superhero movies out there. Here is a blog post that shares some good advice for superhero writing at SuperheroNation.


Here is a new agent to check out at JABerwocky Literary: Jesse Cammack.  

Here is a spotlight at Literary Rambles about Spieler Agency's Eric Meyer.


DuoLit offers some good weekly links and advice about self-publishing and marketing.


Too busy for twitter, here is mystery writer's Elizabeth Spain Craig's best tweets for lit folks this week.  Useful stuff.

Hope you make awesome progress this week! 

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