Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekly Scratch: Trends, Market, Tweet, Advice, Revolution, Laugh

Howdy, folks. Hope your work is humming. Keep looking up and believing good things will come. Our books reach all kinds of places, Brazos Valley . Proof: If you go to Minnesota's Children's Museum, you might want to read (among others) Kathy Whitehead's book ART FROM HER HEART. Our upcoming Schmooze on 5-25 at the College Station Barnes and Noble at 10 a.m. will feature a panel discussing the following : Q&A about MFA programs, SCBWI conferences, Highlights Foundation workshops, and others.  Here is a little blurb about Kathi Appelt at Chautauqua.

Here is an article about an upcoming trend in YA -- Myths


Pyr is entering into the YA market. PW


Why is Twitter useful?  Check out this little video.  Comments of a NEWBIE tweeter offers advice for the want-to-be tweeter.


Some great advice from J. K. Rowling (commencement at Harvard.) 


Production of all kinds of books in major decline.
Hot new site for YA writers...check it out - Figment.


Kurt Vonnegut and the curves of fiction. Good for a laugh and it might be some good writing advice too!

I hope something here helps you on your journey. 

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