Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekly Scratch: First Lines, Micro Plots, On Character, Sequels, The Revolution, Hahaha

Howdy, Folks,  I hope your plots are stronger this week. Thanks Debra for a great program last week!  If you wish to apply for the Matha Weston grant that is open and the rules are at the SCBWI website. SCBWI Member's Choice Awards have been announced: The Crystal Kite Award.  Tammi Sauer wins the Oklahoma/Texas region's Crystal Kite honor with Mostly Monsterly. Here's the link to the Children's Choice Awards if you are interested.  Go Texans: Author of Year-Rick Riordan!


I thought this might be of some use to you on your journey to a great a novel.  This is a link to the first lines of a boatload of classics--Interesting Things: The First Lines. Here legendary librarian Nancy Pearl's offers a grouping of great opening lines.  Want a tweet of a first of children's book every day?  Here is the spot.   Here are over 1000 first lines of picture booksAnd here's some first lines from books hot off the presses from School Library Journey's Fuse 8 and famed librarian Elizabeth Bird. 


Please consider posting your faves in the notes. I like to think about the micro elements of plots -- i.e. scenes. Here is an article that offers some useful guidiance on how to construct scenes.


"Character is plot, plot is character." F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Here is a guy chatting about how to use the Enneagram to build character. This may of be of some interest to you


I really liked this PW article on upcoming sequels and I thought you might like it too. 


Here is a mystery author musing about the rapidly transforming publishing world.


You may feel this sometimes when you are writing your manuscript.  

Have a great day. May the 4th be with you. :)   I am so punny. See y'all next week!

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