Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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I bet we're all hoping March's showers will bring lots of April flowers, right? Something beautiful must come from the torrential downpours we've experienced this month. (And I'm not talking about the accidental mini waterfall which has occurred in our backyard, due to the raging water flowing from the hill, washing out a section of our land.) I'm thinking of writing a story. I'm seeing a fire ant (Yes, I said fire ant. What? They can be cute, too! Sort of. Okay... maybe not.) family facing the extreme challenge of the backyard river. Texas... Fire ants... I may be onto something! What about you? Any new projects springing up?


"Writing for the Youngest Readers" is our Schmooze topic this Wednesday with author Linnea Heaney. Linnea’s poems are being published in the 2015 summer issues of Highlights Hello. A Real Best Friend, her lyrical picture book story, was published at Hunger Mountain: the Vermont College of Fine Arts Journal for the Arts. She brings the perspective of a teacher and researcher in the early childhood and emergent literacy fields to writing for the youngest readers.

Join us for her presentation at 10 a.m. followed by time for questions and discussion. We meet in the back corner of the College Station Barnes & Noble. Gentle critique begins at 9:30 a.m. Bring copies of 5 double-spaced pages of your work in progress. Those who have time stay for lunch at a local restaurant. Members and friends welcome!

BV folks & friends, do you have a Facebook? Join us over at our new group! The more, the merrier!

Kid Lit Coffee Klatch

Join other SCBWI members and friends for a Kid Lit Coffee Klatch for their next meet up in the evening! This is be a chance to meet other writers and illustrators, maybe gossip a bit about our characters, and encourage each other. You can email Liz at lizbmertz@gmail.com for the next date.


The Grateful American Book Prize is the only award for excellence in writing, storytelling and illustration for children’s historical non-fiction and fiction focused on the events and personalities that have shaped the United States since the country’s founding. Details from the website: There is a market out there for well-written, well-illustrated and well-researched accounts of the way we, as Americans, were and the way we will continue to grow, prosper and contribute on a global scale in the future. We invite your interest in and support of the Prize. And, of course, we welcome your participation by submitting your books that meet our criteria for consideration.

Writing YA? A small book publisher Intrigue Publishing (est. 2012) is accepting stories for a forthcoming anthology titled, Young Adventurers: Heroes, Explorers & Swashbucklers. Find out details here. Be quick! The deadline is April 1, 2015.


The Jane Yolen Midlist Author Award 2015 winner is Sanna Stanley. Congrats!!
And the runner-up is Jane Mitchell! Congrats to both! You can read about both authors on the SCBWI blog. Just follow the links.


Big publishers selling books through Twitter? Check out this article about Harper Collins & Twitter. Although this is a special promotion for Harper, Hatchette recently explored the same selling adventure. The article above is certainly well worth the read!

What if you could get your books ordered from Amazon by drones? Yes, directly to your front lawn. *shakes head* Crazy thought, right? Well, Amazon just received approval to test. Read about it here.


This blog post just popped up, literally, as I was putting this together! Check it out. 10 Mistakes the Illustrator Makes on the SCBWI blog. Just read through it. Great tips to pack into your mental toolbox, illustrators!


This is a hilarious, short article I found on our fabulous SCBWI Blog called, "If Strangers Talked to Everybody Like They Talk to Writers." You can read the entire article here. I had a few giggles over my coffee this morning. Enjoy!

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