Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Howdy, folks!  Welcome to the New Year, SCBWI Brazos Valley! Sorry this is a day late. I spent yesterday celebrating my son's 17th birthday.

Time to get working!

I hope you have made solid New Year's resolutions. I have found that people with a plan find good success!  Send me a sentence goal for the New Year, and I will post it the sidebar!  It can be anonymous or not. Accountability always helps.


Next SCBWI Brazos Valley Schmooze: January 28, 2015 at 9 a.m. at the College Station, Barnes and Noble. Details still to come!


SCBWI Austin 2015 Writers and Illustrators' Working Conference. A two day conference with  over a dozen publishing professionals. Check it out on March 3/7-8/2015. 

SCBWI Houston 2015 Annual Conference. A two day conference with an included intensive.  Check it out 4/18-4/19/2015.


Highlights Fiction Contest.  This year's theme is mystery stories. The deadline is 1/31/2015.


Every writer should have dedicated office space. You could do this if you could find your manuscript. Here are some Pinterest Boards to help you organize your office: Organizing Tips and Tricks for Writers, Office and Organizing, Simplified Offices,

Develop a plan for your writing future. This might help you. 

How to write a business plan.  This might help you move from a hobbyist to a professional.

Write a book in a month.  This might help light a fire under you.


Good news. Children's sales up at Independent Books stores! Read about it in PW.

What is going on with sci-fi and fantasy readers?  Where are the younger readers? This discussion at PW might be interesting to you. 


Neil Gaiman offers advice on how to become a writer.  It is much simpler than just writing down your ideas. Check it out on his blog.

The views expressed here are my own, and not necessarily those of the SCBWI.

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