Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today's Scratch: Craft, Query, Fun

Howdy, folks! Thought I'd toss a little scratch before Thanksgiving.

The conference was most excellent. Yay to our RA Liz Mertz and her assistant RA Jacqueline Gramann. What a wonderful event! I hope things are buzzing for you from all that inspiration.

We have one more event for the year-end.  Our Holiday Gathering is set for Nov. 30 at 5:30 p.m. in The Village Cafe, 210 W. 26th Street, Bryan, TX.  Come on for good conversation.  


Need some plot support here are 27 plot points to get you on the road to creating a solid novel.  A free master class on plotting from plot whisperer Martha Anderson.. Totally check this out. It is time well spent. 


Here is some very straight forward querying advice if you need a little more to get that query sparkling.


I just watched the "THE BOOK JOB",  a Simpson episode, guest starring Neil Gaiman (he totally has a Newbery Medal), where Homer and the gang form a team to create a YA phenom book series. It's quite hysterical. Here is an article where Neil discusses his experience.  Look around at streaming sites and catch this Simpsons episode. You will laugh and nod.  Good stuff.

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