Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Scratch: Manuscript Formatting, eBook Formatting, Document Maps, Love Librarians

Howdy, folks! At the last schmooze I promised to send out some of my favorite formatting links.  Don't forget to sign up for our fab conference on November 12, 2011.   Brazos Writers has a workshop for the mystery inclined on September 10, 2011.

This week we eschew all else for formatting information.

Submission Formatting

So here is Nathan Bransford's thoughts on formatting manuscripts. He's a bright guy and 'spains good.  Check out his post.

Gotta love the Purple Crayon.  Here is Harold Underdown's take on formatting.

Email Formatting

Formatting for an email submission. There is a nice discussion in this article about email submission. This is stuff to help you make it pretty and not garbled when you send it in. Courtesy of Writing World.

Remove the formatting from a Word Document.  Here's quickie advice.

Here is another little article about email formatting that may be of some use to you.

eBook Formatting

Here is an article I like about Kindle formatting.  I found some understandable advice here on how to do turn a Word document into one that can be easily read on the Kindle.

Amazon offers a page about Kindle formatting too. You might find it useful.

Here is a guru article from Aaron Shepherd.  You will certainly know a thing or two if you wade through this article on Kindle Formatting.

Document Maps

I'm a fan of the document map feature of Word for formatting my novels.

Here are some articles to help you on your way if you want to get a tech on.

This article is pretty simple and straight-forward about how to make a simple document map.   You might like it.

Here is another nifty article about creating a document map for a novel.

Well, I'm closing out this week with a "gotta love librarians" moment. Check out this article.

Check y'all next week with more chicken scratch.

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