Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekly Scratch: Musical Chairs, Agents, Revolution, Awards

  Sorry, I'm a day late, folks!  I've had tons to do this week.  I hope everyone is having fun at TLA.  We have an upcoming schmooze at the College Station Barnes and Noble. Be sure to make your calendars. I hope all your projects are humming and that something here helps you on your journey. 


Check out the American Bookseller's Association's 2011 Indies' Choice Awards.  Check out the children's book winners.  Check out their national best sellers list HERE.


Here are a number of APPS that have tie-ins to books that you might want to look at.

eBooks are selling but it's not enough to make up for losses. From 4/14/2011 Publisher's Lunch and the got it from AAP Consumer Data Presentation: In January, the increase in ebook sales of $37.5 million did not make up for the decline in trade print sales of $50.4 million. It was the same in February, with ebooks' gain of $60.4 million lagging print's decline of $93.5 million. If you want to read a fat article on the revolution in bookselling go HERE to NEW WAYS TO UNDERSTAND SHIFTING BOOK SALE CHANNELS.


Casey McCormick's blog is a weath of infomation on agents. Check out this: Agent Spotlight: Andrea Cascardi.

Nelson Literary Agency agent Sara Megibow was at the SCBWI Houston Conference.  Here is a link to the Sara Megibow interview from Casey. And here is the link to Nelson Literary Agency. 

Anna Webman was another agent at this conference. She is a Curtis Brown agent. She cautioned at the conference, "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet."   Here is a link to the Anna Webman interview from Casey.  


The publishing industry reminds me of a game of musical chairs. Every one has a chair, the music plays, and then it stops, and every scrambles for a new chair!

News at Capstone Press: Ashley Andersen Zantop will serve as group publisher and general manager at Capstone.

Over at the PURPLE CRAYON, editor Harold Underdown is always keeping tabs on Editorial Staff Changes. You might want to check it out.

I hope you are working hard.  Keep at it. The only sure way to fail is to not try.

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