Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday Round-up -- Contests, App Publishers, Good Books

I've been collecting tidbits for you. 

Are you working on something wonderful?

SCBWI Barbara Karlin and W-I-P Grants open up for entries in mid-February. Now is a good time to think about getting together your entries.  Read the rules, folks!  No Fee for Members. Due: Feb. 15 to Mar. 15.  

Are you a winner? Most contests open up in the new year, but it is time to think about submitting now.

The Writer's League of Texas has a contest for a YA and Middle Grade writing.  $50.00 fee. Due: Feb. 15, 2011.  http://www.writersleague.org/contests/manuscript.html

Miss Snark's First Victim has regular contests to get your work in front of agents. I've know more than one person to connect with an agent on her blog.  

Perhaps you should polish up a story for Highlights for Children Fiction Contest. No Fee. Due: Jan. 1 - Jan. 31.

Please note:  this list is for informational purposes and not to be construed as endorsement.

Want to read a book?  Here are some best of lists to help you on your journey. 
Publisher's Weekly Best  Children's Books of 2010
Kirkus Reviews Best Children's Books of 2010

Are you interested in emerging children's content markets? Check out this article in PW  if you are interested to see how traditional publishers are moving into APP territory. I also noticed that Harold Underdown at The Purple Crayon reports on a couple of APP publishers: Callaway Digital Arts and Ruckus Media.  

FYI. Yes, The President of the United States is a children's book author. Read about it here. :)

Hope you find something useful here.   

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